Behind the Scenes at Koolfog: Meet Adriana!

Koolfog has been delivering cool mist systems and developing interesting fogscape designs for over 30 years in the Coachella Valley.   We are proud of our growth and the innovative misting and fog atmospheric applications that have evolved over the years.  We are also aware of the impact our amazing employees have had on serving our Greater Palm Springs community and our desert customers.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without the Koolfog team that work hard behind the scenes and we want to give you a glimpse of these contributors that make our team shine!


Meet Adriana:

Adriana has been with Koolfog for over 13 years and has witnessed how our outdoor cooling systems and our fog systems have provided comfort and great visual effects for an international clientele.   As our human resources liaison, Adriana has been instrumental in growing our team and building our corporate culture.  She handles this responsibility with ease while, also, taking charge of Koolfog’s invoices as well as A/R and A/P accounting needs.  She administers contracts, works with our insurance requirements, and keeps our front office on track.  Adriana loves a challenge and thrives in keeping on top of her work during our fast-paced busy season.



Adriana is a desert native, born and raised in Mecca, California.  She enjoys our Coachella Valley hiking trails, the mountain scenery, and of course, our colorful desert sunsets. While she loves the weather most of the year, she appreciates the value of Koolfog’s outdoor misting and fog systems as the temperatures heat up.


Adriana is a mother of two children who she says, “inspire her to be a role model”.    She likes to take her children to the Palm Springs Art Museum followed by a trip to Crazy Mel’s restaurant.  You’ll find Adriana and her family on the outside dining area cooling off under the misters while feasting on the eateries’ delicious burgers.


The La Quinta Cliffhouse is another one of Adriana’s favorite haunts.   She loves this destination location offering al fresco dining set among the rocks where you can take in a sunset dinner while relaxing comfortably under the venue’s patio mist systems. Adriana loves the diverse menu options and the amazing seafood appetizer selections.


Adriana loves seafood, especially, shrimp ceviche. A natural cook, she uses her senses to take over the kitchen.  Typically, she usually prepares her dishes using visual and tasting cues. In sharing her favorite shrimp ceviche recipe (below), she encourages the gourmet chef within to put your own spin on it. 


Adriana’s “Chill Mist” Shrimp Ceviche


2lbs – raw shrimp (peeled, deveined & chopped) 

2 to 3 tomatoes (finely diced) 

1 white onion (finely diced) 

½ cup of cilantro (finely chopped) 

¼ orange juice 

Salt to taste 

Black pepper (ground) to taste 

2 – finely diced serrano chiles (seeded)


A lot of lemon juice (fresh lemons) enough to cover entire ingredients

*Avocado wedges for garnish. 

Mixed all the above ingredients using the lemon juice to thoroughly “mist” the contents of the bowl. “Chill” in the fridge overnight. (5 – 8 hours) 

Serve on a tostada and garnish with avocado wedges!






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