Koolfog Celebrates the Re-opening of Jackalope Ranch Grill & Bar As Well As It’s Cool Misters

Jackalope Ranch Grill & Bar is a Koolfog staff favorite haunt. Not only did our team design, manufacture, and install the custom misters throughout the property, but our organization has hosted several events at this unique venue. Now under new ownership, Jackalope Ranch has reopened, bringing joy to those who love the overall vibe, distinctive design architecture, and delicious food.

Let’s Start With The Ambiance & Design
cool misters for restaurantsThe vibe at the ranch is as diverse as the different areas encompassing the property. Quiet elegance and warm, rich tones seamlessly blend with a vibrant bar scene and saloon-type environment. Think “Yellowstone” meets “Wild Wild West,” and you’ll get a chic level of taste to satisfy every palette. 

The design architecture itself mirrors the sophistication of the property with earthy hues, natural stones, craftsman woodworking, and gorgeous bar shapes. There are large indoor and outdoor areas for partaking in the great food and beverages as well as a host of private rooms that are terrific for planning parties. In fact, Koolfog hosted one of their anniversary parties in a beautiful room that opened to a gracious patio with both indoor and outdoor fireplaces, used when the weather turns a bit chilly. But when the weather heats up…don’t worry; there are tons of misters to keep you cool so you can enjoy the outdoor ambiance!

A Cool Design With Even Cooler Misters
The grounds are simply gorgeous and a reason unto itself so take a ride out to the “Ranch”.  Meticulously groomed for enjoyment, the landscape is dotted with lovely sculptures, “décor props” such as wagon wheels, and meandering paths that lead to pools, lush gardens and waterfalls. There is a large grassy lawn area that is often filled with special event tables (weddings, fashion shows, and more have been taken upon the lawn). There is also a large outdoor patio bar surrounded by misters making it the perfect spot to take in desert views. The misters are carefully crafted to cool outdoor diners and guests by using evaporative cooling technology. Strategically placed mist nozzles cool the ambient air while creating a misty, moody, atmosphere.

cool misters at jackelope ranch

And Of Course, What About The Food & Beverages?
Smoky goodness, BBQ’s best, and farm-fresh ingredients mingle with craft cocktails and happy hour staples to create the basis for Jackalope Ranch’s highly curated menu. From shared plates to fine dining, the dishes give an ode to the flavors of the West, along with seafood selections. Western and Ranch styled names include “Cowboy Ribeye”, “Rodeo Burger”, “Ranch Fried Chicken” join yummy treats from the Side Saddle, Wrangler, and Stockyard Reserve menu sections. Future planned additions include a collection of Wild Game provisions (Bison, Elk, Ostrich & Boar inclusions) in a Beer Garden and a “Market” for “take-out” food and smoked and BBQ meats. So make your reservation (https://jackalope-ranch.com) to dine under the misters or grab a craft cocktail to watch the sunset in one of the coolest venues in the Coachella Valley.

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