What is the Koolfog Comfort Club?

What is the Koolfog Comfort Club?

Koolfog, Inc. offers the most comprehensive maintenance and repair service available. This program allows your Koolfog equipment to operate at maximum efficiency, extends its life, and protects you against the unforeseen expense and nuisance of equipment failure. The Program is simple. You agree to schedule critical annual services for your misting system. In exchange, we provide discounts on labor and materials. And we don’t ask you to pre-pay for service not rendered.

What services are recommended?
There are three service points that are critical to maintaining the life and performance of your Koolfog system:

Initial 50 Hour Oil Change
If you have recently purchased your Koolfog system, it is very important to change the oil after
the first 50 hours of use. This is a one-time service that costs approximately $100. Many times this service can
be combined with your Fall System Shut-down & Maintenance Service, saving you labor charges.

Fall Shut-down & Maintenance Service
The Fall Shut-down & Maintenance Service protects your system during the winter months. By performing
this service, we alleviate problems associated with freezing conditions such as leaks, bursts or
cracks in components or line. We also prepare your system for a quick start up in the Spring so that your system is performing as fast as possible leading into the warmer months.

As part of the Fall Shut-down & Maintenance we:

  • Run system to monitor operation
  • Perform multipoint inspection
  • Complete minor repairs and/or schedule for more extensive repairs
  • Air purge lines using compressed air
  • Replace water filters with dry filters & replace canister o-rings with new, for quick start-up.
  • Change pump oil
  • Disconnect the water/power supply and tag as winterized

Spring Start-up Service

The Spring Start-up Service gets your system in shape for the season. During the Spring Start-up Service we:

  • Re-connect the water and power supplies
  • Inspect system and nozzle integrity
  • Replace nozzles that are not performing


What does it cost to be a Member?
Nothing! Membership is free. For our services, we only bill as services are performed and the cost of service is based upon the actual time spent on-site (1 hour minimum) and the actual components or service items used. However, we do realize that if your system works good it makes us look good. So, in exchange for the commitment to properly maintain your Koolfog system we offer a 15% Discount to our Comfort Club members.

How much do routine services cost?
Service costs vary based on the specific installation. For example: How many nozzles do you have? How accessible is the Koolfog pump unit? How accessible is the feed line and atomization line? Do you have fog as well as mist? With that in mind, the following estimates are based on average system configurations and based on residential use. For commercial or industrial use (i.e. 8-12 hours per day use) please call us to estimate your annual service cost.
Up to a 20 Nozzle System $250.00-$300.00 Annually
21 to 40 Nozzles $270.00-$320.00 Annually
41 to 80 Nozzles $290.00-$340.00 Annually
80 to 120 Nozzles $310.00-360.00 Annually
121 or more Nozzles Call for pricing
*Please note that the Fall Shut-down & Maintenance Service will typically represent the majority of your total annual cost (60% – 75%).