Misting Systems in the Mix at JT’s Country Kitchen

Traveling the high-desert highway that meanders through a stretch of Southern California’s Coachella Valley to the Mohave and Colorado Desert areas, an oasis can be seen in the distance. It’s an older, Western, styled building, with an exterior that mimics a barn or saloon facade. This charming spot exudes “cool”, both, conceptually and physically. The restaurant’s misting systems welcome with a refreshing allure that can been seen from a distance with the promise of good food and drinks in the mix. [Read more…]

Outdoor Misters Contribute to the Success of Hospitality Businesses

outdoor misters palm springsSuccessful Palm Springs restaurant and hotel group F10 Creative is a powerhouse in the hospitality industry. Helmed by desert native Tara Lazar, F10 Creative is the force behind the popular trifecta Cheeky’s, Birba, and Alcazar Hotel Palm Springs. Cheeky’s is a breakfast/ brunch destination with a can’t-miss bacon flight or bloody mary. Its complimentary restaurant, Birba, is an avant-garde, al fresco, Italian restaurant and cocktail lounge. Both Cheeky’s and Birba are situated on the Alcazar, a boutique hotel property located in the heart of the hip Palm Springs Uptown Design District. All three venues have achieved tremendous success, and all three spots demonstrate their attentiveness to guest comfort with the intuitive application of outdoor misters.

Hospitality 101: The Art of Making Guests Comfortable

An interpretive meaning of Hospitality –  Receiving and entertaining guests in a way that makes them feel well taken care of. It leverages ambiance, service, and products or amenities to provide guests with the best experience possible.

Restaurants and hotels prioritize making guests feel comfortable to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience, fostering repeat business and positive reviews. They achieve this through a combination of attentive service, ambient design, and personalized touches. From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted warmly and efficiently greeted. The physical environment is carefully curated with comfortable seating, pleasant lighting, and soothing decor to create a relaxing atmosphere. Amenities such as clean, well-appointed spaces, high-quality linens, or beautifully presented dishes and accommodating dietary options in restaurants cater to guests’ needs and preferences. Staff plays a crucial role by being courteous, responsive, and anticipating guests’ needs, while extra touches, such as installing outdoor misters to refresh visitors in the desert heat, ensure every interaction contributes to a seamless and comforting experience. 

outdoor misters hotels and restaurants palm springs

Cheeky’s, Birba and Alcazar in Palm Springs

Scene and be Seen- Setting the Tone

F10 Creative has effectively set the tone with the highest standards of excellence in design, operation, service, and attention to detail at Cheeky’s, Birba, and Alcazar. Their innovative world class menus, cool vibes, and modern, upscale ambiance provide a unique scene to celebrate and be seen.

Anticipate a wait when visiting Cheeky’s. It’s a well-known hangout for breakfast aficionados who are willing to brave the lines for a seat in this cheery eatery. Outdoor misters can be seen from the streetside, giving attention to hungry guests while giving staff a break from the hot Palm Springs sun.

Those seeking a casually elegant evening will not be disappointed with a sojourn to Birba’s.  Delicious fare is served in a lovely garden area filled with lush greenery. White patio lights are weaved amidst basket-covered lights to illuminate the open-air building and it’s large, covered terrace. The dining area is a wonderful spot for a social gathering and can be enveloped in outdoor misters to create a visually stunning space while keeping guests and staff comfortable in the dry desert weather.

Alcazar Hotel Palm Springs
This 34-room boutique hotel is a chic gem in the Coachella Valley. The property has a Mediterranean flare, and guests can find a quiet space to relax, grab a poolside beverage, and chill. Walkways have outdoor misters so that guests are cooled to and from their rooms. Modern and stylish, it caters to sophisticated tastes and warms guests as a retreat within Palm Spring’s stylish enclave.

Outdoor Misters Make a Memorable Guest Experience
The implementation of outdoor misters plays a pivotal role in the success of restaurants and hotels by significantly enhancing the guest experience. By providing a comfortable and refreshing environment, especially during the hot summer months, outdoor misters make spaces affected by hot weather elements more inviting and enjoyable. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also maximizes the use of outdoor spaces, leading to higher patronage and revenue. Additionally, the pleasant ambiance created by outdoor misters can set a restaurant or hotel apart from competitors, fostering a reputation for excellence and comfort. Ultimately, outdoor misters are a valuable investment that can elevate hospitality establishments’ overall appeal and profitability.

Misting System Implementation at The Spa at Sec-he

The Spa at Sec-he is located at Agua Caliente Cultural Plaza in downtown Palm Springs. The campus includes a tribal museum and an outdoor Oasis Trail and is considered an important cultural gathering place. The Spa is a celebration of the sacred healing waters of the Agua Caliente Hot Mineral Spring and is a central theme throughout the 73,000-square-foot wellness complex. The Sec-he Spa is a peaceful setting for guests to indulge in cutting-edge therapies and enjoy a host of amenities designed to pamper both men and women, including mineral baths, a eucalyptus steam room, a menthol sauna, aromatherapy showers, halotherapy salt caves, men’s and women’s whirlpools, fitness room, and flotation rooms. The outdoor environment features a resort-style waterfall pool, a zero-edge mineral pool, an outdoor whirlpool, and both indoor and outdoor dining, overhead misting, and waterfall fog effects. 


Koolfog Contribution: Misting Systems for Cooling & Water Feature Enhancements
misting system at spa at sec-heKoolfog designed, crafted, and installed several state-of-the-art custom misting systems for The Spa at Sec-he with attention to the ambiance, comfort, value, and technical innovation. Detail in creating a subtle sensory experience allows guests to see, hear, and feel a subtle mist that highlights evaporate cooling technology that leaves outdoor patrons refreshed without getting wet. The misting systems were placed for optimum utilization in heavy traffic areas and in places where guests would spend the most time relaxing poolside or enjoying the resort feel provided by the presence of several waterfall features.

Koolfog Production Details 

  • 4 high-pressure pumps to release water at 1000 PSI creates an evaporative cooling mist that lowers ambient temperatures.
  • Proprietary fog nozzles that create visual impact around water features.
  • The misting systems includes placement at VIP Cabanas, over an outdoor Dining area, on a tranquil outdoor patio, and a centerpiece waterfall feature.
  • Over 100 mist nozzles positioned for optimum cooling and sight view.

While the pumps are in gardens or outdoor areas, they are not in client view and are tucked into utility areas; one of the pumps is located on the rooftop.



Scheduling with multiple construction partners:
Koolfog was part of an integrated construction project, working alongside multiple trades to understand the customer’s goal. Communication and teamwork were very important to convey Koolfog’s solutions and seamlessly incorporate our design in different areas with different materials, including rock work, awnings, and other unique structures.

Hiding our misting systems from view:
To keep Koolfog equipment and components out of the line of sight, we developed a creative routing solution for the misting system distribution lines. In addition, the lines were placed strategically inside the waterfall. Our team was challenged with accessing the area within the water feature and ensuring the misting system remained hidden from view without risking the lines submerging during spillway operation.

Our team worked around many trade schedules while accommodating the need to access areas where we worked. For example, when installing misting nozzles and feed lines to the deck cabanas, our team needed to make sure that our installation still allowed for cabana shade curtains to be installed and ensured that any future open/close curtain movement would not get caught on the misting nozzles.


Koolfog’s design and application of misting systems is the result of our highly knowledgeable implementation experts. Our team’s understanding of the client requirements and ability to overcome challenges is a key to every project’s success. Selecting the finest quality materials to withstand years of use in varying operating environments (misting lines in chlorinated waterfall/pool water, for example), calculating required flow, placement, and angle of mist to create the desired effect, all work together to create a beautiful and cool atmosphere for spa guests to enjoy.

Outdoor Misters Make the Mark at Maracas Mexican Cantina & Grill

Maracas Mexican Cantina & Grill has an awesome reputation for serving up a “mucho bueno” good time with good eats and great service on a grande patio with outdoor misters. Using fresh ingredients to pack in an explosion of flavor, Maracas gives an authentic Mexican experience showcasing a myriad of Mexican style cuisine with their homespun interpretation of popular dishes including the inspired Sarten de Maracas (you can check out their menu here).

100 + Reasons to Enjoy Maracas

Cheers to 100 different Tequila selections
Gusto for those that adore all things Tequila…from Palomas to Poppers

Happy Hour Specials to #EscapeTheOrdinary:
Try the House Margarita made with El Jimador Tequila, Triple Sec and a special Maracas mix. Add Mango, Banana, Strawberry, Peach or Coconut for a burst of fruity flavor.

Taco Tuesday Taken Up a Notch!
Terrific Street Tacos to Wash Down your Cerveza.

Don’t Forget Dessert
Homemade Flan, Tres Leches Cake & Fan Fave… Fried Ice Cream

While an enticing bar area and colorful interior décor compliment the cantinas’ ambiance, when craving a good Mexican fix, Maracas spacious patios are the place to be. With locations in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, both offer a festive atmosphere to welcome patrons all year round with some of the best patio settings in the desert. Outdoor misters envelop the restaurants’ patios, adding to the scene and ensuring that guests are cool. Even in summer months when desert temperatures can reach upwards of 110 degrees, outdoor misters can make patio dining cool. Despite hot weather, outdoor misters can combat the heat and provide a comfortable place to imbibe and indulge, making outdoor seating fun.

Maracas’ inviting patio is a year-round destination in the Coachella Valley because their patios are the perfect spot for people watching while dining under the outdoor misters in celebration of California’s chill lifestyle. Tourists and locals head to Maracas Cantina for their everyday specials and to experience spectacular sights and sounds known to attracts folks seeking great food as well as a glimpse of StageCoach cowboys, Coachella hipsters, Mid-Mod designers, and Chic fashionistas during different seasonal events including Cinco de Mayo. Maracas hosts a fantastic Cinco de Mayo fete featuring fine Mexican fare, craft beers, and cocktails.

Cinco de Mayo Isn’t Mexico’s Independence Day. In fact, it’s about recognizing a significant battle during the Franco-Mexican War that took place in Puebla, Mexico. While Mexico honors its military on this day, it is largely celebrated as a regional event in Puebla with their signature dish…mole poblano.  In the U.S., people party from coast to coast honoring Mexican food and culture. Think fresh margaritas, fajitas, and yummy guacamole. “According to the US Department of Agriculture, Americans eat over 80 million pounds of avocados on Cinco de Mayo alone!”  For more fun Cinco de Maya facts, please visit: https://www.parents.com/fun/parties/special-occasions/fun-facts-about-cinco-de-mayo/

Maracas Outdoor Misters Offer an Everyday Mexican Vacay Vibe
You don’t have to travel to far for that dream retreat to relax and enjoy the best of Mexican food, culture, and fun.    Featuring extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus (with gluten-free and vegetarian options), Maracas’ patios, complete with outdoor misters, make for a refreshing spot to get away from it all. If mainstream music pumping, people watching, friendly staff and dining under the outdoor misters on a plein air patio is your idea of a holiday, Maracas Cantina & Grill hits the mark. So, take our advice (and theirs) and #EscapetheOrdinary at Maracas, where you will literally, feel like you are on vacation.

Restaurants with Misters. Si Bon! So Good!!

Restaurants with misters are not a new concept for businesses in the Coachella Valley. Yet, they can make a big difference in getting folks in the door…and keeping them in their seats. The desert is bursting with culinary treasures. In fact, you can literally taste your way across the Coachella Valley. But businesses without misters can suffer in warmer weather, especially during those scorching summer months.

That’s because robust restaurant misters can signal:

  1. The establishment is open by providing a highly visible cue.
  2. Al fresco dining is an option.
  3. The restaurant utilizes all its seating to move guests in and out – an important feature for popular restaurants with usually long wait times.
  4. The restaurant is willing to invest in the details that keep guests comfortable.
  5. A restaurant takes pride in all levels of its operations, indicating: “It’s cool to be cool.” And that’s good.

Si Bon Misters Are So Good
Si Bon is in Rancho Mirage. Even on the hottest days, Si Bon’s invites patrons into its busy eatery to enjoy the best Belgian-French inspired fine food and beverages in the most comfortable setting. At once modern and traditionally romantic, Si Bon is an intimate and unpretentious venue bursting with unique dishes, wine selections, and a relaxed ambiance that encourages visitors to stay, chat, and savor the café culture experience.

misters at si bonFrom the parking lot, visitors can see its misters cooling the air from between large shade sails that flank the café’s magical outdoor patio. Koolfog designed the misters for Si Bon to optimize the areas that could benefit from high-rise evaporative cooling wrapped around the outside ceiling rims. The awning misters that float a cool breeze over the sunnier part of the patio (and face towards a busy traffic street) provide a “can’t miss” visual impact while creating a cool space to chill. Classic French styled chairs, colorful art, natural material accents, big shade awnings, and a cool space for lingering over conversation and a café au lait represent quintessential French design detail. 

Voila!! The Food Is Good Too!!
From crepes to homemade waffles and desserts, Si Bon serves up mouthwatering, delicate, and delicious dishes. It also offers scrumptious craft cocktails, Happy Hour sips, breath-taking Brunch menus, and special cooking demonstrations. In addition to off-site catering, Si Bon’s talented Chef Philippe Caupain hosts amazing cooking demonstrations where dinner with wine is served following an immersive presentation. Guest chefs may make an appearance on such evenings with a prix fix event dinner and wine combination set at $125 per person.

A Menu’s Taste of French Staples with a Desert Twist:

Si Bon Raspberry Margarita
With Patron Silver Tequila, Fresh Lime

Mexican ‘Truffle” Crepe
With Duck Confit, Porcini Mushrooms and Huitlacoche

Steam Black Mussels with Chorizo

Waffle Tartlet With Fresh Berries..a la Mode

Upscale. Chic. Welcoming Misters. The casual elegance and fabulous fare from this fine European bistro screams “Si Bon”.

Enzo’s Patio Misting System Brings Chic Comfort to Desert Diners

Enzo’s Bistro & Bar in Rancho Mirage stands as a culinary gem, captivating diners with its distinctive charm and exquisite cuisine. Nestled in the heart of Rancho Mirage’s scene landscape, this establishment exudes an inviting ambiance that seamlessly blends sophistication with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Known as an authentic Italian neighborhood restaurant, the family-owned eatery pairs handmade pastas, artisan pizzas, and delicate dishes with a wonderful California wine selection. The restaurant offers a delightful dining experience that captivates patrons with its charming ambiance and a sophisticated, as well as a state-of-the-art patio misting system. Enzo’s outdoor patio area provides an idyllic setting for diners to savor their meals al fresco.

A Patio Misting System with a Purpose
patio misting system enzo rancho mirage
When an establishment seeks out a patio misting system, it’s for the main purpose to comfortable cool guests. The added benefit is more seats for customers, a fun scene to attract passerby’s, and a visual cue to attract hungry foodies. Koolfog’s outdoor patio misting system has been meticulously designed to meet the custom specifications of the restaurant’s structure as well as it’s specific needs to cool ambient temperatures with our leading outdoor cooling technology. The misting lines are discreetly set in the eaves of the portico structure with mist nozzles measured and spaced to provide for optimum coverage.

As the sun sets over the desert, the patio misting system comes to life, enveloping the outdoor space in a refreshing cool mist. This innovative feature ensures that guests remain comfortable even during the hotter months, creating a memorable and enjoyable dining atmosphere. The patio misting system at Enzo’s not only enhances the comfort of diners but also adds a touch of luxury to the overall dining experience. Guests can relax and unwind, knowing that they can escape the desert heat while indulging in Enzo’s delectable menu offerings.

Tips for Dining Under the Misters
Whether you’re ready for lunch or dinner, check out their Antipasta Menu. You’ll find mouthwatering dishes you won’t want to pass up. Our Koolfog Taste Team has been known to savor our time under the outdoor patio misting system to order a variety of Antipasto dishes to share. We recommend a family-style feast consisting of Enzo’s traditional antipasto della casa, calamari fritti, bruschetta, polpette (meatballs), and cavoloni (brussel sprouts). Of course, leave room for excellent pasta and pizza.

Anyone For a Patio Party?
patio misting system for restaurantsEnzo’s is renowned for its commitment to culinary excellence, offering a menu that showcases a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors. The chefs at Enzo’s skillfully craft each dish with precision and creativity, ensuring a gastronomic journey that tantalizes the taste buds.  They also are ready to create a one-of-a-kind experience from stationed appetizers to plated dishes in their spacious, beautifully designed banquet room that is connected to their stunning outdoor patio.  Even in high temps, the patio misting system provides for a comfortable, year-round, celebrations for those seeking an exquisite culinary experience in the Coachella Valley.

Beyond its culinary prowess and inviting atmosphere, Enzo’s boasts a knowledgeable and attentive staff, dedicated to providing impeccable service. It stands as a testament to culinary artistry and hospitality, making it a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike. Whether it’s a romantic evening for two or a gathering of friends, Enzo’s dining areas and invigorating outdoor patio misting system transforms an ordinary meal into a sensory delight. 

Koolfog Celebrates the Re-opening of Jackalope Ranch Grill & Bar As Well As It’s Cool Misters

Jackalope Ranch Grill & Bar is a Koolfog staff favorite haunt. Not only did our team design, manufacture, and install the custom misters throughout the property, but our organization has hosted several events at this unique venue. Now under new ownership, Jackalope Ranch has reopened, bringing joy to those who love the overall vibe, distinctive design architecture, and delicious food.

Let’s Start With The Ambiance & Design
cool misters for restaurantsThe vibe at the ranch is as diverse as the different areas encompassing the property. Quiet elegance and warm, rich tones seamlessly blend with a vibrant bar scene and saloon-type environment. Think “Yellowstone” meets “Wild Wild West,” and you’ll get a chic level of taste to satisfy every palette. 

The design architecture itself mirrors the sophistication of the property with earthy hues, natural stones, craftsman woodworking, and gorgeous bar shapes. There are large indoor and outdoor areas for partaking in the great food and beverages as well as a host of private rooms that are terrific for planning parties. In fact, Koolfog hosted one of their anniversary parties in a beautiful room that opened to a gracious patio with both indoor and outdoor fireplaces, used when the weather turns a bit chilly. But when the weather heats up…don’t worry; there are tons of misters to keep you cool so you can enjoy the outdoor ambiance!

A Cool Design With Even Cooler Misters
The grounds are simply gorgeous and a reason unto itself so take a ride out to the “Ranch”.  Meticulously groomed for enjoyment, the landscape is dotted with lovely sculptures, “décor props” such as wagon wheels, and meandering paths that lead to pools, lush gardens and waterfalls. There is a large grassy lawn area that is often filled with special event tables (weddings, fashion shows, and more have been taken upon the lawn). There is also a large outdoor patio bar surrounded by misters making it the perfect spot to take in desert views. The misters are carefully crafted to cool outdoor diners and guests by using evaporative cooling technology. Strategically placed mist nozzles cool the ambient air while creating a misty, moody, atmosphere.

cool misters at jackelope ranch

And Of Course, What About The Food & Beverages?
Smoky goodness, BBQ’s best, and farm-fresh ingredients mingle with craft cocktails and happy hour staples to create the basis for Jackalope Ranch’s highly curated menu. From shared plates to fine dining, the dishes give an ode to the flavors of the West, along with seafood selections. Western and Ranch styled names include “Cowboy Ribeye”, “Rodeo Burger”, “Ranch Fried Chicken” join yummy treats from the Side Saddle, Wrangler, and Stockyard Reserve menu sections. Future planned additions include a collection of Wild Game provisions (Bison, Elk, Ostrich & Boar inclusions) in a Beer Garden and a “Market” for “take-out” food and smoked and BBQ meats. So make your reservation (https://jackalope-ranch.com) to dine under the misters or grab a craft cocktail to watch the sunset in one of the coolest venues in the Coachella Valley.

Clandestino Restaurant, Palm Springs: A Hidden Gem for Dining Under Misting Fans

misting fansNestled in the heart of Palm Springs, Clandestino Restaurant is a hidden gem that captures the essence of fine dining with a touch of mystery.

Crafted by the visionary culinary geniuses that have created phenomenal cuisine manifested in French countryside-inspired FARM; Jalisco -style Mexican restaurant, Tac/Quila; intimate small plate haven in Front Porch, comes Clandestino. Clandestino offers authentic, elevated Mexican/fusion food fare and a unique Latin American experience for those wishing to dine in, take out, or dine al fresco under the misting fans.

When entering the cantina, the dark ceilings, walls and floor are accented by lush, colorful seating areas, highlighting the spectacular art collection and of course, the massive back bar.

Dimmed lighting, plush furnishings, and an eclectic blend of modern and vintage décor created an atmosphere that was both inviting and enchanting. The restaurant’s commitment to maintaining an air of secrecy adds an element of excitement to the dining experience.
But it’s truly the outdoor patio that shines. Clandestino opens up to the foothills of the breathtaking San Jacinto Mountains, the atmosphere is modern and appealing. Guests can experience Palm Springs at its best from either the beautiful outdoor dining space, stocked with misting fans, or the fully stocked cantina, which opens to the outdoors.

According to reviews, the outdoor dining space is spectacular with “misting fans to make the desert heat ‘barely noticeable’”, according to reviews.

The menu at Clandestino is a culinary masterpiece, curated by a talented team of chefs who draw inspiration from global cuisines with attention to wine pairings to suit every palette. Each dish is a work of art, presented with meticulous attention to detail.

Our Palm Springs Taste Team Recommends a “Clandesestino” Shared Menu:

Beer Tempura Avocado Bites
With pickled tequila onions and spicy aioli

Grilled Shrimp
With a chipotle marinade, cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo and avocado, in a corn tortilla

Trio of Quesadilla
One shrimp with house-made flour tortilla, one birria (short rib) with house-made corn tortilla, and one squash blossom with house-made corn tortilla and served with pico de gallo, salsa verde and bean dip

Grilled Lobster Tail Tacos
Lobster tail grilled with chile oil, two house made flour tortillas, cabbage, pico de gallo, and avocado slices

Followed by an exquisite dessert featuring:

Fresh Cinnamon Churro Ice Cream Sandwich
El Guero
Rum, tres leches, amaro, simple syrup topped with vodka and vanilla infused whipped cream “for those who dare to drink their dessert.”

What truly sets Clandestino apart is its impeccable service. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and passionate about creating a memorable dining experience. They effortlessly strike a balance between being attentive and allowing guests to savor their meals in peace.

Clandestino Restaurant in Palm Springs is a testament to the idea that the best things are often hidden away. It’s a place where culinary excellence, a captivating ambiance, and exceptional service converge to create an unforgettable experience and an exceptional place for dining under the misting fans. If you’re looking for a restaurant that combines mystery with gastronomic delight and an outdoor experience cooled by misting fans, Clandestino is a must-visit destination in Palm Springs.

Misters Make Summer Ball A Blast

Catching a summer baseball game just got a bit cooler, literally, in Palm Springs. The desert summer temperatures are scorching and create many challenges in organizing healthy outdoor activities. But management at Palm Springs POWER Baseball has hit a home run in its investment in misters to ensure that America’s favorite sports past-time can “play ball”!

A cool feature at the stadium?  Some areas of the stands have misters. Of course, misters are common at Palm Springs establishments due to summertime temperatures well into the triple digits, but, still, I think it’s really cool that misters were incorporated into the stadium. What a blast!”  – Yelp Review

Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Palm Springs POWER Baseball facility is a state-of-the-art sports complex located in Palm Springs, California. In addition to providing a venue for various events, it is a popular destination for baseball enthusiasts and athletes of all ages. It is home to the POWER baseball team, champions of the 2023 California Collegiate League summer season. This is a fantastic program that has seen many future Pros play through. The POWER program also offers lessons and opportunities to expose youngsters inspired by the game. The POWER Baseball facility offers top-notch amenities and a wide range of services to cater to the needs of players and spectators alike. These fields are meticulously maintained to ensure optimal playing conditions. The facility also features spacious dugouts, batting cages, and bullpens, providing players with everything they need to enhance their skills and performance. In addition to the excellent playing surfaces, the facility offers a variety of amenities to enhance the overall experience. Spectators can enjoy comfortable seating areas, concession stands, and restroom facilities conveniently located throughout the complex. The grounds are equipped with high-quality turf, lighting, and misters to cool those in the stadium.

baseball stadium misters

Misters Make All The Difference
“Bring on the heat” takes on new meaning for those faced with playing in 100-degree-plus weather and the thought of sitting through nine “red-hot” innings can be a tough sell. Placing misters throughout the property has allowed for a truly cool baseball experience as well as a “sweet spot” for hosting various tournaments and events. The misters can be a lifesaver as they can drop the ambient surrounding air temp, sometimes 10, 20 degrees. On any given game day, visitors may see company team building events or groups socializing under the misters with a POWER BBQ. What baseball game would be complete without hot dogs, peanuts and “Cool-Up” ice cream! The POWER concession stand serves all of your ballpark favorites and many more! Hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, Cracker Jacks, sunflower seeds, peanuts, chips, candy, ice cream, soda, Gatorade, water, and beer, as well as made-to-order salads.

Each July 4th the Palm Springs POWER and the City of Palm Springs launch a special celebration for residents and visitors to the Coachella Valley. The home game places the Power players to compete mid-league and after the game, there is a spectacular firework extravaganza to light up the night!

Stadium in the misty moonlight. SO fun! Great event while visiting the desert. The misters above the seats were perfect.”- YELP Review

Definitely put this “Little/Big League” experience on your list of “fun in the sun” happenings to share with family and friends. And enjoy the Koolfog misters!


Misters at the Tack Room Tavern Encourages Year-Round Revelry

Festival fans from all over the world are familiar with the Empire Polo Grounds as their favorite concert venue featuring Coachella Fest and StageCoach. The Empire Polo Grounds also offers many different areas on the property, serving as a popular year-round event venue, including the delightful Rose Garden and, as the name implies, is host to one of the desert season’s most anticipated sports, Polo. Whether tailgating or in the clubhouse, spectators can enjoy a weekend polo match and join the party on the field for the traditional Champagne Divot Stomp.  No matter the event, you will find equestrian aficionados, locals, and visitors hanging out under the misters at the Tack Room Tavern.

The Tack Room Tavern is situated in a charming building that exudes a rustic and cozy vibe, perfect for a casual gathering or a night out with friends. When you step inside the Tack Room Tavern, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and a lively ambiance. The interior is adorned with equestrian-themed decor, paying homage to the rich history of the Empire Polo Field.

The menu at the Tack Room Tavern is diverse and mouthwatering, with named dishes honoring the equestrian theme. They offer a wide range of delicious dishes, from classic pub fare like burgers and wings to more sophisticated options like grilled salmon and steak. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, ensuring that everyone can find something to satisfy their taste buds. In addition to the delectable food, the Tack Room Tavern boasts an impressive selection of craft beers, wines, and signature cocktails. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or a cocktail enthusiast, you’ll find something to quench your thirst and complement your meal.

May we Suggest dining al fresco under the misters while sampling The Polo Club Paired with a glass of Prosecco? Find their full menu here: tackroomtavern.com

One of the highlights of the Tack Room Tavern is its vibrant outdoor patio. With ample seating and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink or a meal while taking in the beautiful surroundings. The patio overlooks the Empire Polo Field, providing a stunning backdrop of lush greenery and majestic mountains.

The misters on the Tack Room Tavern patio provide several benefits as they help to cool down the outdoor space during hot days. This is especially important in a desert climate like Indio, where temperatures can soar to uncomfortable levels. The misters also help to reduce dust plumes which are a part of the desert’s year-round charm. The Empire Polo Field can get dusty, especially during events and festivals, and the misters help to settle the dust particles and keep them from being kicked up into the air. This ensures a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for patrons sitting on the patio. In addition, the misters create a refreshing and pleasant ambiance on the patio. The fine mist creates a misty atmosphere that adds a touch of tranquility and relaxation to the outdoor space.


Misters contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for patrons at the Tack Room Tavern and enhance the destination as a must-visit venue for anyone looking for great food, drinks and a memorable experience.