Community Involvement

Committed to the Health and Safety of Our Community

We have actively engaged in volunteering and philanthropy to benefit our community and our commitment to serving others has always been a huge part of our personal and professional philosophies.

When we began our journey with Koolfog, we did not know the impact this business would have on the health of others and we have continued to find ways to enhance the quality of life for those around us. In fact, a member of our Koolfog family found out that their daughter had a condition that prohibited her from releasing heat. Simply put, she did not sweat and along with her existing asthma, she was at risk for heat stress and possibly stroke.

Koolfog is acutely aware of the need to provide outdoor cooling for schools, churches, senior facilities, animal shelters and sports programs. We are proud to have donated our high-pressure misting systems to many worthy causes to establish safe and healthy environments for all.

Covid- 19 Update, 2020

During this COVID -19 crisis, our team has continued to focus our efforts on providing necessary fogging solutions to support our clients that work in and for food supply, growing and distribution; medical and public health; shipping/logistics; our government military and first responders.
From an organizational perspective, the Coronavirus has created the opportunity for our team to revamp how we do business and how we can better serve our customers during this unprecedented time. We have made significant changes within our manufacturing facility to ensure social distance requirements as well as increased sanitation and sterilization procedures. We have implemented “No-Contact Servicing” using technology to seamlessly provide repair order detail, approval processes, gain insights into client needs, and accept e-payments from the safety of a mobile device.
On a local level, our portable misting fans have been dispatched to help cool volunteers at the Galilee Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that fights food insecurity and provides essential needs for local disadvantaged children, families, and farmworkers in the East Coachella Valley. (
As a family-focused company, our number one priority is and has always been, the health and safety of the communities we serve. Our Koolfog family thanks you for your support and wish you and yours to stay safe and stay healthy. We are all in this together.