Koolfog Donates Misting System to Planned Community Garden

community garden

Photo by David Clode


Koolfog recently donated a high-pressure misting system pump intended for a planned community garden in the East Coachella Valley. The plan is to create raised beds for seedlings and plants with a misting system to help keep “crops and gardeners” cool in extreme desert temps. This intended community garden will promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging outdoor physical activity while educating those with access to the garden about the benefits of harvesting fresh produce.

The Rise of Community Gardens in California
Community gardens have become quite popular in California. California, known for its diverse climate and agricultural heritage, fosters a strong interest in gardening and sustainability initiatives. Community gardens offer numerous benefits to residents, including:

  • Reducing Food Insecurity: Community gardens provide fresh, locally grown produce, which can help address food insecurity in low-income neighborhoods. By growing their own food, community members have better access to nutritious fruits and vegetables.
  • Educational Opportunities: Community gardens offer educational programs on gardening techniques, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. They can also provide an opportunity to connect people to food systems by teaching them how food grows.
  • Environmental Benefits: Community gardens contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing food miles (the distance food travels from farm to plate), minimizing the need for chemical inputs, promoting biodiversity, and mitigating urban heat island effects.
  • Economic Opportunities: Community gardens can provide economic benefits by reducing household grocery expenses through access to free or low-cost produce. Additionally, surplus produce can be sold at local markets or used in community fundraising efforts.
  • Improved Mental Health: Gardening has been shown to have therapeutic benefits, such as reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.


Why A High-Pressure Misting System Pump Will Be an Asset to A Community Garden
A high-pressure misting system pump can be an asset to a community garden by enhancing existing watering methods, helping to regulate temperature, and provide a comfortable environment for people to gather. Proper hydration is crucial for plant health and growth and high-pressure misting systems atomize water into tiny droplets, which are easily absorbed by plants. This can lead to more efficient water usage compared to traditional watering methods.  In hot climates, a misting system can help regulate temperatures within the garden by lowering ambient temperatures through evaporative cooling. This can create a more comfortable environment for both plants and gardeners to create a social gathering point that fosters a sense of pride and cooperation.


 Supporting the Development of Community Gardens
Community gardens continue to be popular and are often supported by both local governments and grassroots organizations across the state. As the establishment of community gardens contributes to the creation of healthier, more sustainable, and resilient communities, Koolfog is pleased to support the gardens with robust high-pressure misting pumps and evaporative cooling technology that will enhance the environment in the East Coachella Valley and beyond.