Outdoor Entertaining is Cooler Than Ever with Misting Systems

Outdoor Entertaining is Cooler Than Ever with Misting Systems

There’s nothing better than celebrating with family and friends under blue skies or a night full of stars with an outdoor living space designed for both functionality and fun. A full BBQ, kitchen, bar area, outdoor T.V… the potential to shake it up and accommodate a variety of interests abounds.

Yet, in the hottest summer months there is little retreat from the sizzling sun and the highest of temperatures seem to linger after the sun goes down with little sign of relief.

Residential Misting System

Check out one our recent custom mist system installations. The precision in the design provides for optimum coverage for the space. The nozzles are placed just far enough apart for a smooth look as well as a consistent flow of mist to cool the area. Imagine sitting under this type of loggia enjoying the sunset.

Perfect Loggia Misting

Koolfog misting systems can keep you and your guests comfortable so that you can enjoy the best of your outdoor living space. Koolfog caters to making the most out of natural environments by appealing to all the senses. You and your guests will feel the cooling effects, see the fine mist float in the air, and you’ll hear the faint whisper of the high-pressure pump telling you that a bit of respite from the warmest days is on the way. You’ll anticipate the atomized drops of water evaporating to reduce the ambient temperature knowing you’ll experience the pleasure of the environment without sloppy drips. The bottom line, you can smell the roses in your garden and taste the flavors in your food while concentrating on having a great time. Whether a festive BBQ or haute evening affair, entertaining in a beautiful outdoor living space is a snap with a few essential misting elements.

• Invite the team over to kick back and enjoy the latest in sports.
• Plan an elegant sit-down soiree.
• Make an impromptu “lemonade” stand to serve up fresh frozen treats.
• Share your cooking skills with your favorite foodies.

With a professionally installed misting system, you can take advantage of utilizing your outdoor kitchen to serve up a bevy of culinary delights and craft cocktails without overheating. Take the heat off hosting the best events in your own backyard oasis by creating the perfect party setting with the best misting system available.