Misting Systems for Contractors – Architects, General Contractors and Landscape Contractors

At Koolfog we enjoy partnering with industry professionals who design and build environments where misting systems are an integral part of the final experience. By working with architects and contractors during the planning stage we make recommendations based on the desired effect, the physical space and the specific use.

By involving us in the planning stages we can recommend solutions that work for the nuances of new home building ensuring optimal performance and leveraging solid design practices. Without proper guidance there is a risk that a misting system will cause problems ranging from inferior performance, to premature system failure to even worse.

Koolfog has also worked with builders and developers to offer misting systems as a standard option in new residential construction. This enables the system to be fully integrated into design plans keeping clean lines in your outdoor project rather than retrofitting to an existing structure.

Taking the misting system into consideration in the early stages can help:

  • Create a more efficient system design matched to use
  • Design for aesthetic as well as function
  • Provide additional revenue for contractors

Contractor Misting System Pricing

At Koolfog we realize that our local contractors are a vital part of our success so we offer special pricing that will allow you to build in additional profit into your project. Please contact us to discuss how we can partner with you on your next outdoor living project. We also help with the development of sales tools for client presentations or design showrooms and can work with project managers to simplify communication with residents.

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