Coachella Valley Special Event Cooling Solutions

Koolfog Planning and Event Specialists work with customers to provide the best temporary cooling solutions for parties, festivals, and special occasions.  We provide cooling solutions for outdoor spaces at private residences, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, large festival grounds, golf courses, concert venues, street fairs and the like. There are many facets to planning both large and small events including number of guest, traffic flow, menu selection, entertainment, safety concerns, etc. It is our goal for t our clients understand how things work and what they can expect to make for the smooth programming of their event.  If our team is not familiar with a particular venue, our special events team may request to review a location layout, design schemas or do an on-site visit to consult on a variety of misting solutions.

Koolfog misting solutions use high-pressure pump systems to emit a dry “fog” that evaporates without leaving an area wet.  However, the outside temperature and ambient humidity can be a factor in the optimum use of misting applications.  The tiny atomized droplets that are released from our mist and fog nozzles can cling to moisture in the atmosphere so the dry desert heat found in the Coachella Valley most of the year is a great setting to use misters.

Our portable evaporative misting fans are easy to use and provide approximately 20-30 square feet of atomized water vapor to beat the heat.  They can be placed in different spots around the perimeter of the action or placed in a pod to create a type of 360 degree cooling station. These fans do require connection to a hose from a potable water source.  Finding a safe drinking water source is extremely important as the fans release tiny droplets of water into the air  that can be inhaled and using recycled or compromised water that may cause illness. A power source must also be found to plug in each fan.  Our tech team will deliver the fans to your venue to set up with Koolfog hoses and extension cords.  As the fans are moveable, it is important to make sure any cords and hoses are not exposed.  A spaghetti web of hoses and electrical cords can be a safety issue and cause injury to a guest that might trip over them.  If water and power sources are not easily accessible or located near the heart of your party, we suggest you use some type of resource to tape them down, use cable grips, or cover any loose parts completely so that everyone remains safe.  Our team will also walk our clients through the operating procedures for the portable misting fans.  As these are commercial use products, we suggest that the fans are set back from any sound systems.  While our misting fans may be noisy…guests usually don’t complain as they can find a bit of respite from sizzling temperatures.

Event Misting Fan

Our tech team is also available to install temporary custom cooling solutions for tents, cabanas, shade structures, patios, and loggias. A temporary misting install provides a slightly different vibe than our Koolfog fans which can be placed at satellite locations.  Custom temporary misters are not mobile and do not oscillate.  However, this installation option can cool a greater area and when installed properly, a gazebo or vendor tent with our misters can create a cooling barrier or curtain of mist that really works well to knock out the heat. Misting lines can be attached to a structure in many different ways including a custom wrap, by zip ties, or support suspension line.   We also have misting rings that can be attached to columns and trees to add to the ambiance.   Misters and misting fans not only provide cooling, they also create awesome visual effects that can add to overall feel of the festivities.  Please don’t hesitate to call our office at 760-321-9203 for more information on how Koolfog misting fans and temporary misters can enhance your next event.





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