Restaurants with Misters. Si Bon! So Good!!

Restaurants with misters are not a new concept for businesses in the Coachella Valley. Yet, they can make a big difference in getting folks in the door…and keeping them in their seats. The desert is bursting with culinary treasures. In fact, you can literally taste your way across the Coachella Valley. But businesses without misters can suffer in warmer weather, especially during those scorching summer months.

That’s because robust restaurant misters can signal:

  1. The establishment is open by providing a highly visible cue.
  2. Al fresco dining is an option.
  3. The restaurant utilizes all its seating to move guests in and out – an important feature for popular restaurants with usually long wait times.
  4. The restaurant is willing to invest in the details that keep guests comfortable.
  5. A restaurant takes pride in all levels of its operations, indicating: “It’s cool to be cool.” And that’s good.

Si Bon Misters Are So Good
Si Bon is in Rancho Mirage. Even on the hottest days, Si Bon’s invites patrons into its busy eatery to enjoy the best Belgian-French inspired fine food and beverages in the most comfortable setting. At once modern and traditionally romantic, Si Bon is an intimate and unpretentious venue bursting with unique dishes, wine selections, and a relaxed ambiance that encourages visitors to stay, chat, and savor the café culture experience.

misters at si bonFrom the parking lot, visitors can see its misters cooling the air from between large shade sails that flank the café’s magical outdoor patio. Koolfog designed the misters for Si Bon to optimize the areas that could benefit from high-rise evaporative cooling wrapped around the outside ceiling rims. The awning misters that float a cool breeze over the sunnier part of the patio (and face towards a busy traffic street) provide a “can’t miss” visual impact while creating a cool space to chill. Classic French styled chairs, colorful art, natural material accents, big shade awnings, and a cool space for lingering over conversation and a café au lait represent quintessential French design detail. 

Voila!! The Food Is Good Too!!
From crepes to homemade waffles and desserts, Si Bon serves up mouthwatering, delicate, and delicious dishes. It also offers scrumptious craft cocktails, Happy Hour sips, breath-taking Brunch menus, and special cooking demonstrations. In addition to off-site catering, Si Bon’s talented Chef Philippe Caupain hosts amazing cooking demonstrations where dinner with wine is served following an immersive presentation. Guest chefs may make an appearance on such evenings with a prix fix event dinner and wine combination set at $125 per person.

A Menu’s Taste of French Staples with a Desert Twist:

Si Bon Raspberry Margarita
With Patron Silver Tequila, Fresh Lime

Mexican ‘Truffle” Crepe
With Duck Confit, Porcini Mushrooms and Huitlacoche

Steam Black Mussels with Chorizo

Waffle Tartlet With Fresh Berries..a la Mode

Upscale. Chic. Welcoming Misters. The casual elegance and fabulous fare from this fine European bistro screams “Si Bon”.

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