Johannes Patio Misters Tune Up

Johannes Restaurant in Palm Springs serves European Cuisine from Austrian born Chef/Owner Johannes Bacher. Their patio utilizes a misting system to ensure comfort at all times of the year. The system was tuned up at the beginning of summer ’17 and working perfectly! Our patio misting systems are great for restaurants because they don’t leave any wet residue behind, which means your tables and guests’ food will stay dry.

Our patio misting systems are designed to enhance your restaurant patio dining areas with a cooler atmosphere during the hotter months of the year, to extend your rushes, to increase your capacity and to enhance your ambiance. Misting can provide even the most distracted person relief and relaxation. Food is meant to be, as it always has, a place for all of us to come and be together.

Empowering your restaurant to maintain a consistent revenue stream throughout the year can be a challenge. The very nature of a restaurant circles around “rush” hours and “dead” times. Utilizing patio misting systems can lengthen or even maintain existing peak periods for optimal table turn-over rates while giving your guests the subtle statement that you have carefully considered every detail of comfort. Smoking areas become welcoming and the passing crowds are drawn to your call of comfort.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your restaurant a hot spot all year round. Contact us to get started with a patio misting system installation.

Valley View Under Patio Misting System

What a view! Made possible at all times of the year with a Koolfog patio misting system, sitting outdoors, relaxing and just taking it all in becomes possible! The home is the basis of family connections, memorable bar-b-ques and the best birthday parties. Extend the square footage of your house, the time you can spend outdoors and the memories you make with a thoughtfully engineered and meticulously manufactured Koolfog high-pressure misting system.

Koolfog high-pressure misting pumps and misting nozzles deliver temperatures up to 35 degrees cooler. Using pressures of 1000 PSI to produce atomized water particles, Koolfog leverages the energy in the air, in the form of heat, to process the water particles effectively removing the heat from the air. In short, we drop temperatures significantly.

It’s about the times we share together; when there is only family and friends, and nothing really matters except that you are all together. These are the beginnings of the best memories, and they all start in your backyard. Koolfog’s high-pressure misting systems keep temperatures moderate so the most treasured experiences can extend well into the hottest times of the year.

Koolfog Picks for keeping “KOOL” at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

Koolfog Picks for keeping “KOOL” at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

This year, in addition to hanging out under a misting system, be sure to beat the desert heat with our top picks for projecting cool at Coachella Fest, no matter what the temperature!

As Coachella music lovers, groupies, and culture seekers descend upon our dear desert valley, hipsters from all over the globe will be under the spotlight for ”what they’re wearing.” Fashion watch has become just as synonymous with Coachella as the diverse blend of music and shows.

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Season is Here

Gorgeous weather for the season. Polo, Date Festival, Frank Sinatra Tournament, a great time to take a tour on Desert Adventures, the Red Jeep folks, serving the entire Coachella Valley. We enjoyed a totally “Kool” day hiking in the San Andreas Fault, touring the Indian Oasis’, and Gold Panning during our visit. And they do much, much more. Look for Koolfog Rental Misting Fans to pop up in March and April as the Valley gets ready for Tennis, Coachella Fest, and Stagecoach concerts!!

Coachella Valley Mountains

We actually took this picture while hiking the San Andreas Fault on our Desert Adventures Tour (and have proceeded to use it on our site we liked it so much). Check out the rays of sunlight coming through the clouds … majestic.

Koolfog Misting Fans Used to Cool Thousands of Fans at Coachella 2010

April 16-18, 2010

Koolfog Misting Fans gave respite from the desert heat and added to the “cool atmosphere” that defines Coachella Fest. The Coachella Music Festival, held in Indio, California, features various musical genres and is considered one of the premier music and cultural festivals in the United States. The three day event showcases sculptural art, alternative bands, hip hop, and electronic music – drawing industry insiders and icons such as Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz in 2010.

Coachella concert promoters placed Koolfog misting fans strategically throughout the event venues to cool crowds, artists, food vendors, and employees working in desert temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees. Misting fans helped to combat a real potential for heat stress and added to the ambiance with a “cool”, fun, and unique experience for concert goers.

Misting fans provide another level of cool at major concert event.

Golf Cart Parade

October 25, 2009

A desert tradition, the annual Golf Cart Parade is a community and family event enjoyed by an international crowd. Koolfog provided cooling for the parade participant staging area. While vendors, students, children, and teams awaited their entry into the parade, Koolfog provided a respite from the heat. For more information on the event, go to:

Coachella Community

Marching band cools off in front of misting fans at annual Golf Cart Parade.

Relay For Life

October 3, 2009

Koolfog, Inc. sponsored the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” event hosted this year at La Quinta High School. We provided misting fans to cool down participants in the events with hopes of raising money to fight cancer and conduct more life saving research. Koolfog also supports Sacred Heart Palm Desert’s elementary and junior high participation. Go Knights!!

Palm Springs Animal Shelter

August 6, 2009

Koolfog, Inc. is proud to have donated a misting system to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. Our combined efforts with local chambers, city council members, and non-profit volunteers established a safe and healthy environment for animals where temperatures were currently over 100 degrees.

Koolfog acquires Creative Mist Systems

May 1, 2009

Acquisition expands product line, enhances services and offers customers more flexible and economical solutions for expanding living and workspaces with outdoor cooling systems, misting systems and outdoor heating products.

Koolfog, Inc., the leader in outdoor cooling and humidification, today announced it has acquired Creative Mist Systems, Inc., privately-held provider of outdoor misting systems and heating products located in Palm Desert, California. Koolfog is acquiring Creative Mist Systems to expand its services and product offerings to residential and small business customers. The terms of the acquisition, which was completed today, were not disclosed.

“Homeowners and small businesses are looking for cost-effective and sensible solutions to take advantage of outdoor living spaces making them more comfortable and functional,” said Bryan Roe, president of Koolfog, Inc. “Creative Mist Systems’ line of residential and light commercial outdoor cooling, misting and heating systems offer customers a smart and economical solution to make outdoor environments both cooler and warmer based on seasonal climate changes. The addition of Creative Mist Systems to our portfolio of outdoor cooling, misting, fog effects and heating solutions will help us better deliver a wider range of cost-effective and flexible designs for enhancing outdoor environments.”

Universal Studios Kicks Off the Summer With Misting and Fog Systems

June 21, 2008

Along with the addition of water canons to “Jurassic Park — The Ride” and liquid nitrogen effects to “Revenge of the Mummy — The Ride” Universal Studios Hollywood has added to its ever-growing list of cool areas aimed at providing guests with relief from the heat in 2007. Cool enhancements include misting and fog lines hidden amongst trees, architectural accents, landscapes and props. One visible example is the curtain of cool, refreshing fog enveloping guests as they enter the popular Studio Tour. As a final touch, Koolfog misting fans are strategically placed in rest areas and queue lines keeping guests cool while they wait in line or rest their feet in preparation for more adventure.

Universal Studios

Crowds pass under the newly misted Studio Tour entrance.