What’s the deal with your misting system Winter Shut Down Service?

What’s the deal with your misting system Winter Shut Down Service?

“What’s the point of your Winter Shut Down Service? Can’t I just turn my misting system on a couple of times during the winter and it will be fine?”

Questions we hear often around this time of the year.

“It might never get to freezing. What, exactly, are we preventing when the risk of a freeze is so minimal?”

Yes, we do live in a desert and yes, our winters are incredibly mild. And much like a car, our misting systems are designed to withstand quite a bit because, honestly, these get installed in some pretty harsh conditions. On the roof, hidden in landscaping or situated under the harsh desert sun is usually where you’ll find the Koolfog stamped pump. Our flagship unit, the Mojave, is already enclosed with a polyethylene cover, but even that isn’t a complete safe guard against the potential damage from an extremely cold night. We have seen it all. Cracked filter canisters, burst hoses, damaged pump seals. Additionally, a high pressure system sitting unused during the winter months, much like a car, can wreak havoc on other components, compromising the intended life of your misting system.

“It’s not just about those first couple of times you sit out on your patio,” our mechanical engineer explains, “it’s making sure we extend those moments to their full capacity. We don’t want people to have to replace their pump prematurely. It’s bad for our technology, it’s bad for our Production Facility, it’s bad for our business reputation.”

So, why do we highly encourage our clients to get their Winter Shut Down service every year? Because it only takes one night. Because if you want your misting system to be able to handle the environmental stressors it must withstand summer after summer, you need to properly maintain it. And because as much as we think we know what will happen tomorrow, we never really do.