Low Pressure Misting, “No!” High Pressure Misting “Yessssss!”

Low Pressure Misting, “No!” High Pressure Misting “Yessssss!”

In the mid-80’s, Redlands resident John Gura set out to create a wonderful backyard setting, carefully planning the landscape around a beautiful pool and patio area. Once complete, however, he found it difficult to fully enjoy the fruits of his labor because his West facing outdoor living space took a beating under simmering, seasonal, high heat. He says thoughtfully, “The patio is nice. The pool is nice … but on hot summer days, you couldn’t go out there. It’s tough to go out there and relax with 110 degree temperatures.”

To provide some respite from the sizzling sun, Gura purchased a relatively inexpensive low pressure misting kit from a “big box retailer.” He says he thought he knew what he was doing putting it up around the perimeter of his patio by installing it himself.

He explains, “It was an unsatisfactory system. It didn’t work right. It dripped and the mist never lived up to what I was hoping for.” Frustrated with the performance of the low-pressure mist kit, Gura began to investigate more sophisticated misting and outdoor cooling solutions. He says, “We spent so much money on the backyard to not really use it. I rationalized the added expense of installing a high pressure misting system, contacted Koolfog, and installed quickly.”


It’s often tough to justify a significant investment in your personal outdoor living area. However, if swelling temperatures make you so miserable that you don’t actually utilize your outdoor space to spend time at the BBQ, entertain friends, or simply enjoy the atmosphere … then such a decision may be worth it.

Koolfog takes pride in assessing our customers’ needs. We set out with the intent to exceed customer expectations and make every effort to design the best solution for every situation. Mr. Gura concurs stating, “Since we’ve had Koolfog, it’s the first time we’ve ever had a nice dinner on the patio. The Koolfog misting system made our patio useable. It feels cooler. It’s comfortable. It works like gangbusters … it’s amazing.” Our team at Koolfog, of course, is thrilled with the results at the Gura home.