Patio Misting Systems: Keep Cool and Bug Free in The Coachella Valley

Patio Misting Systems: Keep Cool and Bug Free in The Coachella Valley

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Courtyard Temperature Drops


We are well into summer temperatures, but most people still want to enjoy their backyards as much as possible during these warmer months. Whether you are hosting a party or just have your kids or grandkids enjoying the pool, sitting on the patio is a classic part of summer relaxation. Koolfog patio misting systems make the outside more enjoyable in our desert weather and can also help keep your patio bug free.


Misters Cool Ambient Air
Amazingly, a quality misting system can lower ambient temperatures up to 35 degrees. This means that even if it’s over 100 degrees outside, it will feel significantly more comfortable under the misters – more like in 80s. But make sure you invest in a quality system. Cheaper models tend to break down pre-maturely or cannot provide even distribution of fog causing drips rather than mist. Koolfog’s high pressure misting systems are made to ensure a fine mist – no water droplets on you or your guests.

Misters Keep Bugs Away
Bugs can’t fly with wet wings and they seem to know it – they stay away from the misty area. Many people don’t realize this secondary benefit of misting systems – they naturally keep your patio bug free. So keep your family cool while also repelling mosquitoes, files, bees or other unwelcome flying insects.

Misters Extend Outdoor Living Space
Have you invested in creating an inviting backyard only to avoid using it during the warmest months? Patio misters allow you to extend your usable space throughout the summer months. Now you can enjoy eating al fresco, watching the kids play, or read a magazine with your afternoon beverage, feeling cool and comfortable without any pesky insects ruining your relaxation.

Koolfog is a national company, but we know the desert climate – we’re located right here in the Coachella Valley, and our website is dedicated to bringing our high standards to our local customers. Our professionals will help you determine the right system to make your backyard a great place to relax year round. Cool and bug free? That’s a good investment!