High Pressure Pumps: Common Maintenance Issues That Often Get Ignored

I know, buying a misting system is exciting. Scheduling for your installation, getting the house ready, visions of future use; it’s all a part of the honeymoon stage. Maybe you’re already planning your next social gathering perfectly centered underneath your new misters. But there is more to your high pressure pump than that first installation day. High pressure misting systems require routine maintenance in order to operate for the extended life that Koolfog engineered into their systems.

Routine maintenance is even more important as the years go on. If you’ve been meticulous about scheduling or responding to service alerts in the past and then start to slide down the road of nonchalance, you could be seriously endangering the total life of your pump.


Here are some general maintenance items that usually creep up between 3 and 4 years assuming typical residential use and it could be inside of a year in high-use commercial settings.

  • seals
  • plunger
  • valves

I know, it’s easy to put off the proactive tasks until there is a real problem. But when you make the kind of investment it takes to purchase a Koolfog high pressure pump and misting system, you want to make sure you’re investment isn’t wasted by negligence.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to manage this all on your own. Koolfog not only offers substantial discounts for our Comfort Club members (those who promise loyalty in the face of any storm), but we also will manage your service appointments for you! No matter what kind of high pressure pump user you are, Exclusively Winter or Can’t Handle the Summer Without It, we will send you alerts and notices during appropriate intervals so you don’t have to worry about remembering.

Buying a high pressure misting system redefines your outdoor comfort. But we believe in excitement beyond that first installation day, and preservation of comfort for years to come.

Contact us to about our Comfort Club discounts and service alerts today! 760-321-9203.