A Not So Hot Lunch at Panera, Palm Desert

A Not So Hot Lunch at Panera, Palm Desert

It is May and temperatures are rising fast.

My lead misting system designer for the local Desert region, Steve, has some things that he wants to discuss. But I’m hungry. A little early today … it is around 11:15 a.m. but who is going to argue a free lunch while discussing strategy? So we hop in the car and decide on the fly where we are going to hold this impromptu meeting.

Steve braving the heat with his "secret weapon" ... an efficient Koolfog misting system.

Steve braving the heat with his “secret weapon” … an efficient Koolfog misting system.

The choices are narrowed down right away. At Koolfog we tend to support our clients so a misting system is paramount to the decision-making process. Convenience as well. Therefore, we decide that Panera Bread in Palm Desert will be the perfect balance of healthy eating, speed of delivery and mist.

After being talked into ordering our meals via iPad-style tablets we take our buzzer to the outdoor patio to wait for our food. We get a few glances as we open the glass door to walk outside. “Are they crazy?” everyone is thinking. It’s one of the hottest days this spring, moving towards 99˚ and potentially entering triple digits.

Panera Bread has limited seating and in a place like Palm Desert in late spring and summer, indoor seating is well sought after. But we are a more “educated” clientele. Little did they know that it is nearly as cool outside as it is inside – just not way outside. Only on the Panera patio where the Koolfog misting system is busy, efficiently dropping temperatures.

So Steve and I charge through another meeting. By the time we leave other patrons take our lead and enjoy a shaded and air-conditioned meal, albeit complete with fresh air and a nice breeze. Panera is busy inside, but it is also busy outside, which translates into 15 – 25% more tables and table turns. Nice. Job well done Panera!