High Pressure Misters Envelop Parisian Lovers at La Brasserie

High Pressure Misters Envelop Parisian Lovers at La Brasserie

Restaurant misting system outdoor patio

Nestled up against the mountains in La Quinta, at the corner of Highway 111 and Washington there lays a traditional, unpretentious, french brasserie. Koolfog’s high pressure misters adorn the perimeter of the patio, enveloping guests with a cooled atmosphere reflective of the affectionately bistro-like intimacy patrons have come to adore. An ambiance full of energy, paired with a cool and casual sophistication, service and cuisine that is reminiscent of the most nostalgic visions of Paris, La Brasserie serves Parisian style food backed by Chef Emmanuel Janin’s 30 years of exceptional culinary knowledge.

When Chef and wife Kara decided three years ago to go into business for themselves, Chef Emmanuel was realizing a dream he had long been cultivating in his mind’s eye. Beginning at the age of 14, Chef Emmanuel began in places like France, Germany and Switzerland. With a focus on growing his knowledge in international cuisine, his dreams eventually brought him to the states where he worked in downtown San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe and La Quinta. A resident of our Coachella Valley since 2008, the Janin’s have created one of the most enrapturing and persuasively Parisian style French restaurants this Valley has to offer.

Mahogany wood line the elegantly colored cream seating with decor that sings of France. The immediate resonance of Parisian elegance is extended beyond the dining room, out into the patio area.

La Brasserie fountain

The fountain whispers as the high pressure misters grace the atmosphere with cool and refreshing air. Tables are awaiting the rustle of guests; the kitchen sizzles in preparation for the next meal.

Outdoor cooling is essential here in the desert. Restaurant owners utilize these systems to extend seating area space, thereby increasing total patronage and satisfaction. But misters not only increase revenues and contentment during the lunch hours, as Emmanuel puts it, “You can seat people longer during the season, just because [you] have the misting system.” I asked Emmanuel when he decided to integrate the high pressure misters. He responded quickly, “Right at the beginning. I passed the first summer and after that I said, ‘No, I can’t do it.'”

But innovation isn’t just for functionality. It can be a form of marketing as well. As the Valley is a haven for vacationers everywhere, there is fierce competition for the high influx of patronage during season. High pressure misters not only express the feel of a relaxed ambiance, but beg to envelope you with the cooled and comfortable air of excellence.  Often, restaurant owners choose to integrate misters along the side of the building that is most easily visible from the road to stand out against the rest. La Brasserie is no exception with misters easily viewed as soon as you enter the parking lotLa Brasserie Patio

From the endearing sentiments of France, nestled against the mountain of Old Town La Quinta, La Brasserie invites you to dine in Parisian excellence. Grace yourself with the tranquility and intimacy only the richness of French food can offer, enveloped by the soothing cooled ambiance driven by Koolfog’s high pressure misters.