Legends and Icons Incorporates Koolfog Misting

We recently spoke with Bruce Kuske, owner at Legends & Icons, a restaurant and bar in Palm Desert, about his Koolfog misting system. Reminiscent of the ambiance so well expressed in Cheers, the comforting and familiar feel is re-created in this local hang out.

Legends & Icons

Legends & Icons

Bruce started out in the grocery business before branching out to restaurants in the 70’s. He and his wife have owned 14 total restaurants, Legends & Icons being their smallest. When Bruce retired in 2001, he was thankful for a much needed break. 10 years later, he decided he’d had enough rest and decided to buy one last restaurant. He admits, it’s done extremely well.

Immediately after purchasing Legends & Icons from the previous owner, they began to renovate, extending the dining room and adding onto the patio. As most California restaurant business owners understand, if you don’t have a patio, you may as well close your doors. So Bruce decided patio living needed to be comfortable and decided to integrate Koolfog’s misting systems after a successful installation at his home.

“We owned a house for about 7 or 8 years out here and had a real nice outdoor patio. So, I got a hold of Koolfog and they came over and designed a [misting] system for us. It was a real nice system and it worked really super. So, as soon as we opened up Legends & Icons, we knew we would want to do something here. We’ve had really good luck with your company. They have always been very receptive and attentive. If we have a little issue of any kind, they are right here.”


But the advantage of a misting system isn’t just for aesthetics. The systems needs to add value to a business, and for Bruce, there is no argument.

“Basically, what a misting system does, from my stand point, is it expands the amount of time you can spend out there when it gets a lot warmer. Obviously this translates to business and hopefully profits. But it does extend our season.”

Extending the time spent outdoors, adding aesthetic value to your business or simply wanting to create an ambiance that speaks to the comfort found in familiar settings; whatever your reason, misting systems can add to your bottom line, extend your season and define your patio as one in which the best memories are made.