Koolfog Misting Systems Serves Law Enforcement in Palm Desert

Koolfog Misting Systems Serves Law Enforcement in Palm Desert

PD sheriffs departmentWith the installation of a Koolfog patio misting system at their Palm Desert facility, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department goes the extra mile to keep it’s officers cool. The Koolfog patio misting system is an asset to law enforcement teams that brave extreme desert elements while serving the public. Located adjacent to the  sheriff department’s parking lot, the Koolfog outdoor patio misting system provides an oasis of refreshing cool air as officers leave their vehicles and approach the officer’s outdoor locker with their gear. Encompassing the entire expanse of the building, the misted area also includes shade and water fountains to keep officers hydrated. However, in the dead heat of summer, it is the patio misting system that provides needed cooling to maintain an ambient temperature for this staging area.

According to Sergeant Larry Sherman, “the patio misting system provides a nice, cool transitional area to come in and out from the heat. We come in from the field dragging all of our equipment, ‘war bags’ with bulletproof vests, rifles, gear, etc. We have to unload and store this heavy stuff into our lockers. The Koolfog patio misting system helps reduce and prevent the amount of heat related injuries for our officers and employees.”

Each year, law enforcement professionals must endure outside temperatures that soar well above 100 degrees. The recent desert visit of President Obama for his summit with the Chinese President at Sunnylands, in Rancho Mirage is just one example. Over 800 officers served on duty to support this historic diplomatic event, with many outdoor posts to secure transportation routes and ensure that the dignitaries enjoyed a worry free meeting. As temperatures soared above 100 degrees, heat stress and hydration became very real concerns for those covering the event. To complicate matters, increased anxiety and dehydration in these highly stressful situations can lead to compromised job performance.

According to the California Office of Emergency Managements “Heat Contingency Plan” draft of 2010, the impact of heat waves is a serious threat.
“Heat waves do not cause damage or elicit the immediate response of floods, fires, earthquakes, or other more “typical” disaster scenarios. While heat waves are obviously less dramatic they are potentially more deadly. The worst single heat wave event in California occurred in Southern California in 1955, when an eight- day heat wave resulted in 946 deaths. Heat emergencies have claimed more lives over the past 16 years (according to 2010 draft version) than all other declared disaster events combined.”

When sheriff’s officers and their guest counterparts come in from this heated environment, the Riverside Counties Sheriffs Palm Desert patio misting system is a welcome cooling place. Sherman is quick to add, “the Koolfog patio misting system works very well.  We’ve had nothing but positive feedback and officer compliments…we love Koolfog.”