Misting Systems Cool Horses at Sereno Ranch in Indio, California

Misting Systems Cool Horses at Sereno Ranch in Indio, California

Sereno Ranch, located in Indio, California is a prestigious horse farm in the Coachella Valley and a well-known equestrian resource throughout the national show horse circuit.  A full service training, breeding, and sales operation, the team at Sereno Ranch is dedicated to the care and breeding of prized Arabian show horses.

Producing a grand champion lineage, the ranch uses surrogate technology to produce multiple foals within a season from one mare, Rumina Afire.  Rumina Afire is Multi-National Champion Country English Pleasure mare that has created a long list of valued offspring with her embryos.

Embryo transfer is based on a mare conceiving a foal via artificial insemination, usually with another prized sire, then placing the embryo within a surrogate dam. The surrogate, then carries the foal and delivers it.

Keeping pregnant mares, foals and treasured adult horses comfortable is a must. Keeping them hydrated and cool in the summer months is critical. Originally bred on the arid Arabian Peninsula and despite being thought of as resistant to heat due to their ancestry, the desert climate necessitates bringing the horses inside for protection.

Today’s commercial breeding environment is no different and Sereno Ranch is committed to using Stablecool Misting systems by Koolfog to assist in protecting these beloved animals. According to Diana Lazzerini, owner of Sereno Ranch, “It gives me peace of mind that my horses are comfortable. I am assured that there will be less stress on the animals in the dead heat of summer and it’s a system I would not be without.”

misting system cools horsesStablecool operates on the principles of evaporative cooling and combines best-of-breed air movement technologies with our already proven high-pressure misting solutions. Free stalls, stables, corrals and barns can all benefit from Stablecool’s innovative approach to equine cooling.

Located in Palm Desert, CA, Koolfog has pioneered outdoor cooling technology for nearly two decades. Our experience in controlling environmental conditions produces results. If you want to experience the benefits of Koolfog and provide a healthier environment for your horses, experience Stablecool.

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